Pittsburgh Open Government Amendment


Please help make it even better.

The amendment's present content incorporates the comments of a number of people from all walks of life.   Please leave your comments about a section under it and note specific subsections that apply.

Your comments will help us improve the amendment before petition circulation begins in mid-June.


ew Article 6 -- The Amendment deletes the present Article 6: Community Advisory Boards which is now irrelevant because City Council abolished all of the City's Community Advisory Boards, effective December 31, 2000.   In its place, the Amendment will substitute a new Article 6: Open Government which expands upon the recent Open Data legislation passed by City Council, providing greater opportunities for public participation in the governance of their city, including an ability for individuals to be notfied about legislative and administrative actions before they occur and assuring that Council and the Mayor give more attention to resident's input.

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